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Word is that Wande Coal's new single is scheduled to drop anytime soon but that has been the story for weeks now, prompting Rumors of a crack in the Mo-Hits house.....This is what Shino of THEPUNCH newspaper is reporting.

Discerning observers are postulating that the halcyon setting projected by Nigeria’s most successful record label arguably, Mo’Hits, might be a fa├žade after all. Sources close to the label led by Don Jazzy and D’banj insist that the thin line that binds the artistes is threatening to snap irrevocably, no thanks to ego clashes and expediency to put certain errant members in their rightful places. Dr. Sid, Wande Coal, D’Prince and Kayswitch are the other Mo’Hits artistes. 

Trouble, E-Punch learns, started with the groundbreaking, commercial success that trailed Wande’s debut album, Mushin to Mo’Hits, released in 2009. The album propelled the Mushin, Lagos-bred young man from just another backup singer for the crew to a substantive music star but with scant opportunities. Initially, as the story goes, he did not mind, revelling instead in his newfound fame. Or so they thought. Even before the release of the album, he already had a brand new Hyundai Sonata car courtesy his emergence as winner of the Next Rated Act at the Hip Hop World Awards 2008. Luckily for the crooner, his album became a chart force and he, inadvertently, became the cash cow of the label. D’banj’s album, The Entertainer, which was released months before Wande’s, reportedly suffered a slump in sales - and it did not recover from it. The mantle of stardom fell on Wande. 

Soon after, the boy of yesterday matured into a man with full knowledge and awareness of his star power. Despite being a Yoruba boy, he forgot the adage that the mounds on a lass’ chest are the symptoms that she would soon be out of her father’s house. Perhaps also because he did not stay long enough to finish his degree at the University of Lagos, he did not read Robert Greene and Joost Elffers’ The 48 Laws of Power. Otherwise, he would have learnt that you should ‘never outshine the master’. Sources hint E-Punch that Wande, hitherto diffident and respectful, not only outshone his masters at some point, he even spoke rudely to D’banj at a meeting of the label. 

“They were having a meeting one day, and Wande who hardly talks actually spoke rudely, even raising his voice at D’banj and you know he is the one that runs Mo’Hits more or less,” says a source. There were several other instances of impudence and gross insubordination but the label bosses turned a blind eye. Wande’s fate, one of the sources maintain, was sealed from there. 

Then, D’banj and Don Jazzy moved from their Maryland, Lagos duplex to a palatial home in Lekki while Dr. Sid took up residence in 1004 Flats, leaving Wande and D’Prince. Kayswitch moved in with D’banj. At this time, E-Punch further learns, the demand for Wande at shows and concerts had dropped considerably while his statutory proceeds from the little that came were either withheld or handed out to him piecemeal. To underscore that he was no longer the beautiful bride, a source alleges, the standby generator in the Maryland house was moved to Lekki. “In fact, he did not benefit in any way from the presidential windfall that came the way of D’banj and Don Jazzy unlike what would have been the case if things were right,” the source adds.

Wande’s friends who spoke to E-Punch on condition of anonymity say though he knows he is being stifled and deliberately denied of cash, he is not particularly bothered because he still gets enough to keep body and soul together. What they say is his major grouse now is the seeming refusal of his label bosses to push any of his singles out or help him work towards the release of another album. 

“Wande has been complaining to top celebrities, especially those who have D’banj’s ears, that he is not being fairly treated and that he wants to release another album before he is relegated in the industry. One of those he complained to is a leading Yoruba actress who enjoyed a brief romance with D’banj and who Wande sees as a big sister. His complaint is that he has been neglected for the past one year or thereabout and that there is no effort whatsoever to help him release another album much less a single.” 

Although his concerned friends say he has songs, there is no direction for them as Don Jazzy would have provided. More so, he can’t bail out now as he still has some years left of his contract. 

Even more worrisome for Wande is that competition in the industry is getting stiffer; with a lot of younger talents coming in and winning the hearts of music fans from the south to the west and everywhere in between. Nobody is currently dancing to bumper-to-bumper. Some have even forgotten ‘Ololufe’, the soulful ballad that endeared him to Nigerians. Those songs are now ‘old-school’, it seems. His fan base has shrunk. Seeing the handwriting on the wall, the ebony-hued singer, E-Punch further gathers, is already planning for life after Mo’Hits as he has reportedly incorporated his own record label, Black Diamond. When E-Punch spoke to him late Wednesday night, he denied ever floating a label, saying there was no iota of truth in the story. His manager, Sunday Are, also says Wande is still under the tutelage of D’banj and Don Jazzy and that the relationship is chummy as ever.

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Iyke man said...

What is going on in the industry,wande coal i stand by you.i love you!


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