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Over the past week, There have been persistent Rumors of the death of Nollywood actor Jim Iyke.....The actor decided to address this one with a press release.

''If hatred and prejudice is the narcotic of choice by certain members of the press, blog and site runners, then the Cocaine is JIM IYKE.

I have been singled out as a target of this conspiracy thereby deeply disrupting the emotional and psychological well being of my family and loved ones.
They apparently plot my down fall and even demise, but they fail to understand that I am not a star.
I cannot fall by the mere wishes of men; I am a product of Jehovah's engineering.
I shine like the Sun.
I was made by Jehovah to give light to many.
I am an epitome of God's promise, indestructible by haters, they plot and Connive in vain, those that lust my failure and demise.
For I am chosen.
I shall never be a conduit of hate.
I was born Ikechukwu
God is my strength.


I shall walk through a valley full of death merchants and nay sayers and fear no recourse.
For he who He has blessed, no man or woman living or dead can curse!

My names are: -

Jim Iyke Esomugha
I am alive!!!.....''

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Muse Origins said...

Say WHAT?!!! heh!



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