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This exclusive interview was conducted on the 30th of November at the prestigious 4-Point Hotel by Sharaton Lekki. 9:40pm.

Quick Brief: Very few Nigerians will know the renowned musician named Kokoma Ikbong, but majority of people will know her as a very wealthy and young business lady. Few days before this interview, our press team was alerted that she was in town and luckily she was spotted having cocktail with few white friends of hers.

Interview was hosted by: Mz Ethel Crantz @iTweetEnt

Hi can we meet you: I’m kate kokoma ikpong.

We understand you are not fully based in Nigeria, can you talk about that: yes; i’m based in California USA, Have 2 companies there and am actually running down home finally. I might still go back to California but for now I feel it’s time to come enjoy Africa and do something here, at lease contribute to growth of the country.

You are into music; we have seen your smashing video, can you tell us about your music career: have been a music lover right from my secondary school, was the vice president of a choreography club, then we use to perform every Sunday at the chapel. Started writing songs from SS.2 and I recorded by 1st single in 2006. I then moved to United States, been in the studio with amazing artiste like: Beyonce, Rihanna, Coldplay, Avril lavigne, Shade Adu and I actually did a song with R-Kelly but that record wasn’t released. So professionally I have been into music for 6 years.
So now that you are in Nigeria, what’s your plan for the Nigeria Music Industry? Have always been a business person and truthfully I know what is like being new or rather in functioning in a new geographical area or market. So for now I want to make friends, partner with young people and just have fun but also focusing on building a brand musically in Nigeria.

Which Nigeria Artist would like to work with: awwww… I have so many of them and truth be told I have a bit of a crush on some single Nigerian Male Artiste lol. I truly feel Flavour  is quite cute and yes my very own d’banj. I’d really like to work with people like: BankyW, ASA, WizKid, Tuface, Flavour, Olamide< Eva, BrymO, Tiwa Savage and the list goes on….
What’s the craziest thing you have experience so far in the Nigeria Music Industry: A lot actually, but I still feel alaba market people are quite weird to me or maybe I just need to understand the Nigerian music business a bit more.
What made you leave The United States to come start all over in Nigeria: lol I don’t know actually, but here’s a thang, when I was making plans to come back home most of my friends were like “why are you going to Africa, please don’t go” guess what I told them? Lols. I sincerely don’t know where that thought came from but I just said: D’Banj proposed to me… they were so excited and immediately got their blessings and here I am… pursuing that dream to bless the Nigeria Music Industry.

How Old Are You: Smiles… am in my 20’s, Single and Am looking for my African Prince.
How can fans get to listen to your songs? I have my video on youtube and yes a lot of people tend to say it’s too sexy and rated 18+ lols. Well let other Nigerians be the judge of that.
Here’s the Link to Kokoma’s Music Video Shot in Nigeria:  http://t.co/hOeF9wQn
Follow her on twitter: @iamkokoma

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