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Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West's next solo album will be called Rich Black American, according to various media outlets and an alleged leaked iTunes shot.

Buzz on the rapper's alleged solo follow-up to 2010's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy bubbled online early Monday (February 4).
The internet is going nucking futs right now after a screenshot from an iTunes page appeared, showing not only the album name of Kanye West's next release, but also the track listing, some guest artists and a ball-park release date of 2013 - which may be vague, but still more than we've ever previously known about the album. Though it hasn't been confirmed, Rich Black American sounds like the sort of album name Yeeze would be using these days, not to mention that it fits in perfectly with the naming motifs from College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation. (Music Feeds)

If the screenshot is legit, Yeezy's LP will have a flurry of notable guest features.
Rich Black American, according to this photo, has features from Pusha T, Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, Florence Welch, Skrillex and Big Sean. There's also "Perfect Bitch" on the line-up, which Kanye previously tweeted about, and was reportedly written about Kim Kardashian. Skrillex mentioned in an interview earlier this year that he would be collaborating with Kanye, too--and sure enough, he's on the album's rumored line-up.

Reports claim his album was initially titled "Black American Psycho." The US singer apparently contributes vocals to a song titled 'Whole Lifetime', while Welch appears on a track called 'Popular'. Frank Ocean and Pusha T seemingly feature on a track titled 'Faith', while Big Sean and Skrillex will be on 'Need Somebody'. Online sources claim West's new studio album is coming soon, with some saying that the album was originally titled Black American Psycho. (Digital Spy)

This news comes just days after G.O.O.D. Music's Pusha T confirmed Ye would likely fall back on making a Cruel Winter compilation album.

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