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CON.tra.Diction is Tosyn Bucknor and Tosyn Bucknor is Area Mama on Top Radio. She is dazzling, even more when she smiles. She sings, she writes and she does a lot of good things. Her album, #PopRockSoulJara was released on December 25th of 2012 and it is doing well, especially, that single, I Miss Me, where she shows her girly side so well that one might just think Taylor Swift is bubbling in the background.

Onyeka Nwelue meets her to talk about a few things that have been bothering him.

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When did you first realize you wanted to become a musician?

University. All my life, I wanted to be in entertainment but it was when I was first introduced to rock in University that I knew I had to actually make music!

Have you started working on an album now? What title would it be?

My album #PopRockSoulJara was released on Dec 25th last year. I'm working on a new one this year. No title yet

Recently, you released a single that a lot of people loved. Who produced it? How long had you been wanting to take over the music industry?

"I Miss Me" was produced by the Knighthouse team. From when I made up my mind to make music

How does it feel to be compared to Taylor Swift?

Big honour, I love her. An older Taylor Swift? Yayness!

What do you think music can take from musicians like Dolly Parton? Taylor Swift? Storytelling?

Honesty.  Just as with my other music influences, 2pac, Alanis Morissette and Eminem

Can you tell us about your challenges in the industry and why you chose to do music?

My main challenge is myself. I like doing a lot of things and I don't focus on my music.

Vocally, you are one of the finest in the country. Lyrically, how do you find inspiration?

Wow, that's a big compliment o. Inspiration comes from experiences, thoughts and music itself.

What type of music have you always wanted to do? And how do you see a collaboration with Onyeka Onwenu or Adele?

I'm doing exactly the kind of music I've always wanted to do. Either way, it’d be fun! I'm always up for challenges.

Have you gotten any surprising reactions to your songs?

Yes o. I'm amazed by how some people say my songs help them. And then sometimes, people remember me from a video I shot four years ago.

What’s next for you?

World Domination.

Onyeka Nwelue is a writer and filmmaker.

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