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This is Borderline Ridiculous, Somebody made a song dissing Popular Naija People on Twitter. The Song is Terribly mixed, You can barely hear what he is saying... I got it in my Mailbox Mins ago.

I don't Know what he aims to achieve with this. Pretty Sure this wont be accepted by the Naija Twitter Community, Part of the reasons the Perpetrator  is faceless.

The Song Came with this text...

The artiste has chosen to remain unknown as a claim of no publicity 
intention for the diss track but fun.

Anonymous walked into his friends studio and hears them 
sampling a beat which the producer claims wasnt his but was downloaded 
free online from yet another producer so Anonymous decided to go in with 
a freestyle and here is the result, i've listened to this song over and 
over and laughed myself out. He wants to remain Anonymous and wouldnt 
mind any other artiste claiming to own the song or coming out as 


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