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Blaq bonez has been burning the underground lately, he has somehow caught the attention of M.I Abaga and "Chocolate City" who is now holding his hand through the process. He jumped on this Icon song recently and Emmanuel Esomnofu reviews..

Check it out.

Following the release of Icon, rapper Blaqbonez is proving to be worth his salt as he once claimed in his reply to MI Abaga's You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives. 

The song, a refix of Jaden Smith's smash of the same title might just be the onset of the audience realizing what a special act Blaqbonez is. In a song clocking up before three minutes, Blaq spits and goes in, in a Jay Z esque bragaddocio over the trap beat screaming as if he was in a hole in the ground. Earlier before the song was released, Blaqbonez tweeted about the lack of thought Nigerian acts put into the artworks of their music. It is this attitude alondside an uncanny determination that has seen Blaq remain, in a genre that has seen many fade into obscurity. 

Earlier in the year when Assurance trended, he released Melanin Melody as a reply but instead of taking the usual route of the culturally conscious rapper (being woke), he presented the theme from a loose and refreshing perspective, crooning behind a pyschedelic beat “melody, melody, melody/you are the one that was meant for me/she on the radio listening to Davido now I wan give her assurance” he got  a thumbs up from M.I on Twitter. 

Hip Hop must refuse to stay sonically fixated on the boom bap classic sound. As ideals and audiences are ever shifting, so should the music. Outside the borders of the country, the biggest artistes are those capable of saying their truth over and over again in new ways. Just as the artist needs a fresh board for each painting, so does the rapper, and Blaqbonez is proving to be smart  going by his moves in the game. 

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