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The Goretti Musik CEO's comeback song is a trap banger with heavy drums and horns that blaze through the background like a Jay Z cut. Its refrain bears similar patterns to Future's on the DJ Khaled track I Got The Keys and just like the latter, 40 FT Container is a boastful track, profiling Igbo dominance in verse.

ILLBliss has always been bossy about rap. Much of his discography presents a Rick Ross esque bawse! persona, heavy and thick voiced, white Scarface suit and a brown fat cigarette...the image. But in 40FT, ILLBliss moves outside “I” for about four minutes, encapsulating himself in the midst of something bigger; the zeitgeist, a collective strength he draws from his brothers in diaspora. He names countries where Igbos buy their goods from and the products they sell, his flow fast paced and laced in Igbo swagger, breaking into his shout of "forty feet, containers/importer, exporter!" at the end of both his verses. 

After ILLBliss', getting used to the dominance of his voice, one surely perceives no need for a feature. Prior to a first listen, I thought Olamide was in the ride for a hook but since Illy provided it by himself, what's the need for the YBNL honcho? Airplay impact, maybe? His verse is just about a minute, and he begins like pre - singer Olamide, but soon the vibe fizzles and ILLBliss continues his forty feet! victory chant.

40FT Container is a marketable song and it should be well received by its target audience but musically, it is a song whose definitive opinion won't come from even your most trusted critic. You either love it or you don't and if you ask me right now, I don't know which side of the train I'm at. 

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