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Emmanuel Esomnofu reviews "For You" by Kiss Daniel and Wizkid

The artiste formerly known as Kiss Daniel has for long teased a collaborative work with fellow Pop star Wizkid. The Starboy honcho even jumped on the track Good Time blessing it with his vocals, giving the already sung lyrics of then Kiss Daniel a fresh sound. The rumors of a collaboration immediately spread, with neither parties refuting them.

However this collaboration was clamored, his contractual agreement limited the budding star's artistic freedom, to some extent many wondered if he could even feature an artiste not on the G Worldwide roster. Fast forward years later, he is not yet a free man, even after parting with many things, the 'ss' in his former name included. Musically, he's had a good time out of the label with a couple songs here, couple features there but this song with Wizkid is a promise fulfilled, the high profile collaboration he's always craved. To the music, then.

The beat kicks off in a mash of steady drums, a laid back dancehall vibe to it. More Wizkid esque than Kizz. As expected, Kizz Daniel leads the band but his husky vocals don't meld into the sound as well as one would expect. Collaborations with two artistes with so diverse styles usually strive to find a palette good enough for a disoriented canvas that works, as I've once written about why Falz and Ycee should make a dope collaboration album. The theme of the song is basic, and with such a broad theme, it should be translated into good lyrics in the hands of a songwriter who's worth his salt. Instead, we only get the lines of Kizz incase we end up well/and we have a beautiful baby girl/she go fine like you as quotables.

For you is a shallow attempt at a cliché topic and one can deduce that if this song push past the thousands of better songs searching for a play at your favorite radio station, a spot in the charts, it will be because of the star power of both artistes. This isn't what we expected from a Kizz Daniel and Wizkid collab.

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