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What the "Superstar" album meant for Wizkid, the brand by Emmanuel Esomnofu. 

We love our favorite celebrities for different reasons but key of it is the realization of the need for a separate existence, an existence where one's dreams become real through association with another person.

For the average person who pressed play on Wizkid's debut album Superstar, it wasn't thought of that seven years later, they'll still be stanning behind the man who is now a global brand but then well, was just a whiz kid. How did he do it, though?

The likes of D'banj ruled the airwaves in 2011. 

In 2011 (on the iconic June 12) when Superstar was released, there was too much grown ass music. Teenage exuberances weren't properly represented, the likes of 9ice, 2face, Psquare and D'banj ruled the airwaves and everybody turned a blind eye to the fact that a healthy music industry should be like a well stocked supermarket; it should have at least something appropriate to the cravings of everyone. Then Holla At Your Boy happened and Wizkid became what the people wanted all along, without them knowing. Fathers rocked to it, mothers danced, kids sang along, teenagers lived it. A brand was born, not just cool music.

Banky W mentored Wizkid. 

Mentored by the enigmatic Banky W, the tiny voiced pop act knew one or two things about the art of the debut album, in no time releasing Superstar which was nominated for the Headies Album of the Year. Content wise, Superstar album was a hit fest, with almost all seventeen songs growing into their own buzz. In Say My Name, Wizkid affirms his new found status as a celebrity, usual bragaddocio after scoring one of the greatest hit songs of the past half decade. Songs like Don't Dull, Pakurumo, Tease Me, Wiz Party, Slow Whine (ft. Banky W) and Scatter the Floor take on the scope of a young entertainer in sync with his female audiences. With Wad Up, Wizkid takes a dig at the people who once called him dirty. It was what basically what every teenager related to; no deep analysis of the society or musical experimentation. He worked with just seven producers on the album and the result was a success.

After the commercial success of Superstar, it wasn't hard for Wizkid to live the life; rock blings, spend on girls, drink from expensive bottles and all that, and as his mates did, lose his Midas touch. But with a firm structure and a wise voice behind him, It was hard to fail. Until, the breakup.

Headlines were outrageous, the press clamored for details, everyone was tightlipped but the truth seeped through the gasp of every young person in Nigeria; Wizkid was leaving Empire Mates Entertainment. Like concerned adults, we feared that the kid was being a kid, that all he's worked for will come crumbling. That our dreams being lived through the boy from Ojuélégbà was dissolving into nothing. But instead of falling, he ascended to heights unprecedented.

Wizkid has now grown into a global superstar

Seven years later, after musical growth and transformations, the sound might have changed, tattoos might have covered where there was once honeyed skin, The numerous collaborations with Drake still bangs, the 20k capacity 02 stadium might have been filled, the voice might not tickle as it once did, but Wizkid still represents the cycle of the talented youngster who finally made it. Seeing him on our screens everyday and hearing of his global exploits remind us that hard work, as portrayed in his song Ojuélégbà pays. With his collaboration with Nike, modelling for the Nigerian Super Eagles jersey, he has proven to be influential outside his chosen field. Racking up endorsement deals day by day, he is still the man. Yet, musically we feel he has not done enough recently.

Wizkid's Cross over Project failed to impress. 

Whilst "Sounds from the Other Side" was an expert recycling of dominant foreign sounds such as EDM, Reggae, Kwaito, etc, there is still an unspoken clamoring for the untainted Wizkid, the Ayo Balogun before the Chris Brown affiliation and the Pepsi deal, the kid with a voice before his microphone. And he promises that. In a chat with veteran music DJ Tim Westwood in the UK, Wizkid said; “The new album is called Made in Lagos, Wizkid Made in Lagos; 10 tracks, no features just straight Wizkid"

Wizkid is readying his new project; Made in Lagos

We're certainly on the look out for that.

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