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Little is known of Sigag Lauren and the genre EDM, but we gat you...

Sometime last year, a musically conscious friend on Facebook posed the question: do we have EDM artistes in Nigeria? 

Before we proceed, let me briefly clear you on what EDM means. It means Electronic Dance Music, its sound is fashioned from electronically generated beats and its aim is to make you dance. Unlike live percussions and drums that inspire different moods, one would have to dig deep to find a moody EDM song. Even when the thematic structure is uninspiring, EDM could make your feet tap. 

Back to the question. Whilst EDM have been sparsely employed by notable artistes, Nigeria do not have a front runner for the sound as America have Major Lazer and Kygo and of blessed memory, Avicii. Call on Me by Adekunle Gold is EDM. Summer Time which features on VJ Adams' debut album Perception is EDM and the latter, is an anthem that would be celebrated almost anywhere but here as truly, a vibe. Yet, before I rant on and on, I must sell to you the sound. 

EDM is magic and colors, in two words. Much of its accompanying lyrics are loved up stuff and heartbreak but the club do not always have to be riding to a Wizkid jam every time, or the latest shaku shaku export. EDM is the music for escapism, floating out of yourself with little care in the world for all your worries. In our world of plenty worries, EDM should be required listen. 

Sigag Lauren is fighting a good fight. After much research which yielded little results, I could only tell you don't mind the name, he is neither foreign or female. He featured on the Perception album as a producer to the soul baring When A Man Cries featuring that beauty of a hook from Praiz, he is beginning to receive mainstream recognition but it is his former works that deserve all the accolades. 

He has made ear candies out of alternative hits such as On Me by Ric Hassani and Smile for me, by the award winning Simi and has collaborated extensively with Johnny Drille, remixing My Beautiful Love, Romeo and Juliet and Wait for Me. Whereas the original version of Romeo and Juliet is a somber tune accompanied by a melancholic guitar, Sigag's is wild, in the way fireflies are, opening up paths were there was void before. Johnny Drille no doubt, would have learnt one or two things about how music is able to exist in multiple places at once, and still retain its initial appeal.

VJ Adams did a lot as blueprint on how to encourage the EDM sound. As a major player in the big league of the industry, opting for not so major names are a testament to his musical vision and the place Summer Time occupies in Perception is an important one. If there's anything the lover the song would be enchanted by, it won't be a presence of a Davido or Runtown but the electricity of the sound.

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