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M.I tries to rally the troops by releasing the video of “Brother” 4 years after.  Brother, a track off his 2014 album The Chairman deals with the fallout of The Original Choc Boyz (MI, Ice Prince, Brymo and Jesse Jagz) But nothing seems to have changed, Needless to say Choc Boys 2.0 - Dice, Milli & Koker has gone the same way, Milli broke out sometime in 2016 and Koker seems to be out the door as well, But that’s a story for another day.

 The video features old clips of performances, smiles, shoulder grips amongst other bromance between the trio, projected on a background screen - when the going was good. From the first line, emotive power grips the listener, M.I is sitting down aghast on a sofa just in front of it all, No new verse, the song like it was, when it dropped in 2014, drags you in, but you are left wondering what the issue is exactly, MI fails to properly construct an objective take on the fallout, bar after bar, The real issues are not discussed but tactically swerved.

When Mo'Hit broke up, I was like know what? this never happen' to us
Then ChocBoys broke up, I was like hold up, how on earth that happen to us, men!!!
This no be the plan, that we plan from the start
This no be the kind thing we suppose to talk about
So you need to tell me that never again
ChocBoys no go climb stage to shut down event
People be like M you made the ChocBoy crew
How they goon' survive game without you?

 For a quartet whose musical background could never be told without each other, it was one of the industry's heartbreaks. The thrill of it all, gone with the wind. It is easy to point fingers to the short black boy mainly because he is the leader of the pack, but while we might never know the true stories behind all of the issues, It seems like Mr Abaga has taken the first step to mend fences. The very much publicized issue with Milli was probably the most damaging but those that know, know that M.I was largely mostly excited by Milli than any other talent in Choc Boys 2.0, but that’s another story for another day.

Following the release of the Brother video with a short note, MI clearly feels the pains of what was once was and what could have been or maybe not, but while admitting that he hurt people, M.I in the same breath says he has forgiven all.

Musically, Jesse Jagz and Brymo have evolved heads above most artistes on the continent since their departure from Chocolate City, They have both gone on to drop extraordinary projects that we probably wouldn’t have heard if they had stayed back at the label, Critically acclaimed as these projects have been, they have not been  commercially successful. The rebellious duo have a number of classics between them, the latest offering being Osó, a philosophical rendering in folk attire by the wizard of thoughts and words. Some claim that with the Choc Boyz, Brymo was relegated to being just a hook master and pop star as rap was the dominant force among the four but now we know that Brymo is obsessed with ballads. Somehow, Jesse Jagz wouldn't have been reborn in his revolutionary Reggae sound and singing, his classic West Coast Hip Hop style of his rap, the dual brilliance of his producer and artiste side. Ice Prince instead has struggled to re-invent himself and churn out hits like he used to, M.I himself is striving to make a strong comeback after the luke warm acceptance of his last project #Rendevouz.

Will we see a Choc Boyz album?

Healing is a long process and forgiveness is not easy to come by, So far, Only Brymo has reacted publicly to M.I’s rallying call on twitter, Milli also seems to have made amends with the Chocolate City CEO, but what about Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz, We hardly hear about Jargo these days, Can they all get together one more time to do business?

If the Choc Boyz manage to get back together, Reunite, give us a dope ass album and tour, It will be the greatest achievement of M.I Abaga’s career as a label executive.

What a story that will turn out to be…..

Our Fingers are not crossed.   

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