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Erigga รข€“ Kettle Ft. Graham D

Erigga is the king of street tales , On this song, Erigga's protagonist is Okiemute. As most of Erigga's tales of the street, Okiemute is a street wise chap, and the setting is Ghana. Erigga infuses street lingo and humor to pass across his story.

However, unlike the Prodigal Son, Okiemute doesn't gets a warm “welcome back”, instead what we are left to imagine (as Erigga doesn't include a prologue in his two verses) is the shame Okiemute must have to endure for being another black sheep in the family and in extension, the society.

The theme of spending inconsiderably in Kettle is one Erigga has previously tackled on his "Before The Trip" single Yab Them, where he said "the money come if you like, carry everything buy Benz".

Coming off the success of his last single , "Motivation", his fire is ignited and this may just be the time to drop another project. "Kettle" is a filler at best but it is what makes Erigga , Erigga . This street realness that truly excites his base,  mostly young people stuck in the streets trying to choose between a life of crime and honourable living in the midst of dire economic conditions.  Erigga recognizes this and has taken it upon himself to warn of the consequences of mismanagement of when that big financial break happens. Little known Graham D sings the hook , which is so dope the sound and overall feel of the song almost emerges from it.

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