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As a newcomer to the game, Timaya was deeply spiritual. Jams like OgologonmaMy Story and a couple others dipped and dabbled in the trifecta mix of socio - political commentary, motivation and God.

Heavily influenced by Tuface Idibia, Timaya probably owes much of his early success to his loyalty to these themes and this proved to be no inhibition going forward. As fast as he had come up, had he also metamorphosed into a more rounded version of what he is right now. Religion is huge in Nigeria, Christianity majorly in the South and it wasnt long before the people accepted Timaya because of how relatable his lyrics were, Fast forward to a couple of years later and Timaya has relocated to Lagos and needed to re-invent himself. Slowly, Timaya weaned himself of his earlier South influenced gospel sound. He cut his dreadlocks and fashioned his hair into a trendy look, Mohawk.

Image result for timaya cuts his dreadlocks
Timaya cuts his signature dreadlocks

“King of Commercial” and “King of the Dancehall” were tags that soon described him, the former chanted in adlib fashion in his songs. He ruled the airwaves with this new sound of his and for some time, he and Terry G vied for the throne. Whilst the Benue born hit maker was bell ringing and dancing  galala and is still stuck doing that, Timaya eased his sound into the contemporary, settling for a less rash approach to his music. Eventually, he scaled, had his much deserved international acclaim, got a Sean Paul feature.

Sometime in 2016 or thereabout, He announced that he was going back to his old theme with the success of “Bow down”, almost like he had an epiphany but we already now have certain expectations from the dancehall king regardless of the theme he chooses.

His recent output, Kponlongo a collaboration with Waje, is a breezy laid back song where Waje flexs her vocals in rich exchange with Timaya . 

Image result for old timaya picture
Timaya with K-solo, early days in Lagos

Some say Timaya had his best moments with Producer K-Solo but he struck something quite extraordinary with Young D (A little known producer at the time) and they are back again with “To You".


Image result for timaya cuts his dreadlocks
Current Timaya' look
Timaya makes what he does look so easy and hardly is he raved about like some of our other superstars but it is clearly apparent to the discerning that he is brilliant and has been for a long stretch of time, He has continually churned out hits, broadened his theme and adjusted his looks and sonic to the contemporary style while maintaining his artistic integrity and overall sound and has hardly missed a step.

 Isn't this the stuff that geniuses are made of?  

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