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Masterkraft, the name behind many hits is back with the Rumination EP, six songs long. The very thought of it, is music already to some listeners, considering the over saturation of the industry with a lot of poor content.

Never Alone, the opener, is a gem of a track. Providing solace for the sufferer, Masterkraft delivers a verse with the succinctness of a rapper, each word unforced and motivational. Nosa and WAJE thrives off their vocals, which melds into a more spiritual sounding jam. Magic lies in the keys beneath the drums. If you have to pay the EP's price for just one song, the opener is it.

Captives features a scary laugh behind a bounce and social commentary with an indulgence in humor, a female voice over and Masterkraft terming us captives. To what end though? The song seems to be enough clue to think it over. Overdose, the next track, features just the man with the drumsticks. Such a pleasant voice, the ranter's cut. Drug abuse is tackled with the truism of the persona's frustration. These behind the beat skits are genius. For the subtlety of subject matter, the first person POV weans the song of condescending or inconsiderate critiquing.

Frequent collaborator CDQ comes through on Lai - Lai alongside Tamba Hali to deliver the trap to Rumination. Sound decision. How many of today's audience can chew on music without the preferred spice?  

The last two songs are sonic opposites. Remember is a bouncy song with a catchy hook while Till We Meet Again is a dirge, the haunting RIP being said as inflection to the refrain till we meet again. The hurt in Masterkraft's voice is evident, the lost is dearly beloved. The line "old boy, let your soul breathe" is just about the realest lyric ever.

Rumination is adequately titled. Masterkraft wants us to think about many things, and he has these good features to drive his vision home. Sonically, this project is very impressive and it sounds like nothing you're hearing at the moment. Masterkraft has continued to position his himself as “More than Just a Producer”, He has considered Deejay-ing at some point. Already considered as a genius producer, the Hit maker must be appreciated for what he brings to game, his work ethic and his general contribution to the advancement of the Nigeria Music Industry.


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