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Fans were left underwhelmed after Burna Boy dropped the very much anticipated video for his huge song 'Ye'.

Off the critically acclaimed album, "Outside" , "Ye" was an instant hit and catapulted even further to the international scene (when Kanye dropped his album titled 'Ye') to an entire new audience most of whom stumbled on Burna's "Ye" when they searched for Kanye's latest album on streaming sites.

Breaking out on its own as the five star performance from a five star artiste, the song owes much of its success to the electricity of the sound, the Fela reference and its afrobeat politically charged theme. Fused with the natural energy of Burna Boy, the result is terrific and really, really excellent. 

What a song!!!!

The video presented an opportunity to take advantage of the political situation in the country and really just knock the song outta the park , already considered as one of the songs of the year, "Ye" would have easily claimed that title if this video was well executed , instead its director, Clarence Peters (Who seems to be creatively exhausted, mentally these days) engaged in some lazy thinking .

Image result for burna boy ye video

For one, this song needed not a video that exuded a Burna Boy throwing cash, holding a Fela flag in show of solidarity. The solidarity is best reserved for the chasers of the Nigerian Dream as Burna Boy depicted in the Fela interpolated lyrics.

But my people dem go say
I no want kpai
I no want die
I no want kpeme
I want enjoy
I want chop life
I want buy motor
I want build house
I still want turn up

 It is not immediately certain what Clarence Peters is trying to achieve here, The video did not depict the lyrics of the song, Burna boy was instead seen spraying a wad of cash in-between cut away shots of a bentley , entire thing seemed like a lazy imitation of Davido's 'Like dat"

A dip here, a dip there into the streets and a vignette of what it means to want to be rich and what the dreamer would give for that...that would have been a truer account of the lyrics and would have done so much for the song. 

However, the alternate reality Clarence Peters have created isn't exactly terrible.  Apart from the very obvious similarities to Davido's Like That , excellent lightning, great camera work and spectacular post production, graphics and editing makes for a good feel overall. But they just missed an opportunity to take this song to the next level. 

We hear there is an alternate video shot by Aje Films, We wonder if that will ever see the light of day. 

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