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Panda by the Kanye West signee Desiigner was a certified hit, with covers being released left, right and center wherever one turned. However, in the midst of the buzz surrounding that single song, Dremo, still partially unknown, sampled the great Fela Anikulapo's voice and what was once just another trap song became the trap song of the continent.

Image result for CODENAME EP DREMO

On the Codename EP, Dremo relies once again on the output of a legend. On the first track Nodody, he rips off the hook from 2baba's offering in the collaboration song with MI. Autobiographical Dremo comes to the fore, spilling intimates like he's finally covered the Rolling Stone Mag. Bigger Meat – a kwaito feel song – reaffirms that he's now living the life, chronicling his encounters with a sexy lady, the type his kind are known for hanging around with.

Faya, Kpa and Dapada following each other seem to be the CEO's insistence on chart and radio presence. Mayorkun (on Dapada) and Davido (on Kpa) display their hit making potentials but Dremo struggles; he's not a natural. Faya was simply forgettable, likely to solicit a skip. 

Simi once again, was asked a Jamb Question on Hey Ma, a lover's confessional. Over a faster paced Mr Eazi type beat, Dremo proves his singing prowess. The feature comes through again in the label mates' outputs. Peruzzi holds down the hook on each sides of Dremo's too average bars, Unbelieva is freedom to his voice, as he takes on the social commentary path as displayed on Amaka. Against the expectations though, Dremo's Codename EP features just one trap song which seems brilliant (not the song), considering the watery and too average song which is Breezy. One just couldn't hear past how Dremo sounds forced over the fakery of his Sub Zero, ice on the neck pun. Sinzu however, almost saves the performance with veteran cool headedness, pulling off a dope sixteen.

Rounding off Codename is Fan of my Fans and it is perceived that Dremo subscribes to the archetype  introspective opener and an appreciative end. Fan of my Fans however, takes a slight twist away from being overly appreciative, spelling out his dreams and the bigger role the fans play in motivating him and keeping him grounded.

At nine tracks, Dremo's Codename EP has the blessing of being brief, ensuring almost every listener's important seconds. The track listing is exceptional, just a lot below quality of about two or three songs but the album soars when Dremo feels like. A rapper who sings, he boasts in a track and truly, you just feel Dremo could feature anybody in any song and blend his voice into a trusted sound – that's great yet some parts of Codename seem out of zone. Although I will take into account the largely held belief that an EP should be experimental, a playground for styles to drawl across each sandy record.

Dremo will come back again, stronger. Unlike Mayorkun, he does not have many hits in him but a man who once drove a straight line of and connection between Fela and contemporary trap music is a someone to keep an eye on. 

Download the EP HERE

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