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Oxlade builds on the buzz generated from his output on two Hip Hop albums: Half Price by Alpha and Bad Boy Blaq by Blaqbonez.  With listeners asking who the hell is the man who dominated Mamiwota, only right that he capitalizes with ÔJøRö, a song which thrives on the minimal instrumentation.

Clocking a little below four minutes, Oxlade sings about poverty and aspirations, infusing the age long theme into an autobiographical story. Na money na him make crayfish bend o, he sings over the strings of a guitar.

As he mentions flashy cars, diamond ring, endorsement deal, global tours and hot girls amongst his fantasies, it is immediately discerned that Oxlade isn’t an Alté kid . His music however, is refreshingly alternative; represents a large part of what it means to be sonically aware and able to hold your own against the vocal powerhouses. 

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