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Following his stellar performances on Yxng Denzl, ("Do You Know Who You Are? Take Some Time And Meditate On You" and "Love Never Fails But Where They Are Prophecies Love Will Cease To Exist") , Tay builds upon momentum to release a trio of songs . He premiered the 1997 EP via Soulection.

The first of the bunch, Space, is a party – a noiseless party where the listener imagines Tay making it to the front asking to be left alone, and everybody leaves, unsure of what just happened. That is how this record leaves you: a laid back summer feel joint, the drums are infectious and the first verse possesses a trap bounce; the catch of the hook, as Tay sings "leave me alone//space is all I need" and that outro. Santi and Preye both with very exceptional performances on this record, push this song further.  Tay's usual soulfulness and Space is just...incredible.

This is probably the best song that dropped in August 2018, Incredible!!!!

Sugardaddy comes next. Perhaps Tay's most relatable title and song ever, he features fellow new wave act Odunsi The Engine who sprinkles a little Nigerianness into Tay's foreign sounding vocals and the lush quality of the production.

Our brief glimpse into Tay's world is at an end with Miracle Girl. A piano stings from the background, and Tay's voice is heartbroken and he sings about love, about a girl who he's sufficiently eulogized as the title suggests. There's a haunting scream as the song fades.

If there's anything we call tell from the discography of the BANTU creator, it is his uniqueness and truth to his style. While they'll always be pressure to produce accessible music, his genius lies in his depth. Tay is still trying to find his way around the music industry, but you no doubt can tell that he is an incredible talent and with experienced management, should be breaking barriers soon.  Like poetry, you have to sit with Tay for a while before you get what he's saying and when you do, you'll be better for it.

After the glorious artistic heights which his two previous projects (Passport and Renascentia)  have reached, The sky is just the starting point for Tay Iwar.

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