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The Spax created sound aptly titled Palm Wine Music is a phenomenon. Even more so as it is Show Dem Camp, arguably the premier Hip Hop duo in Nigeria who has taken the sound and with it, ran into the thatch roof bars and brick walls behind which there are intellectual discourses, politics and most importantly, the small talk that soundtracks a good time.

The term however, isn’t new: it has been for many years; popularized in the fifties by The Ebenezer Calendar and his Maringar Band, commercializing what was until then, a movement. A gesture borne out of the need for music which serves as an accompaniment to the palm wine.

The first installment in the series was a success. An in – house attempt at controlling the market: a move which has paid off even as Show Dem Camp continue to build a portfolio as legacy artistes  {both Ghost and Tec are frequently mentioned in Greatest Of All Times conversations of Nigerian rappers} and still, build upon the present.

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The return of Palm Wine Music features the usual collaborators but it isn’t until after a skit esque intro do the duo of Ajebutter22 and hook master BOJ star alongside Show Dem Camp on Damiloun. Ajebutter22 kicks off the song with his trademark adlibs – like bridge. BOJ provides a hook which in turn, proves the perfect intro for the laid back verses of Ghost and Tec.

A new act however, turns up for the movement. Nonso Amadi is called up for System Fail and his vocal presence is immense in the record. Some will smack their tables and yell: this right here, is a classic! Well, the Spax trademark would do nothing to argue the fact. It’s amazing how good the Show Dem duo are, They are both so nice on the mic that their average verses could rival your mainstream favorites. What is even more amazing is how they compliment each other on every song, These are grown man rappers, always on topic, always well articulated. Brilliant! 

Ghost's pun on Alté Cruise is low key one of his most romantic moments and further proves the assertion by critics and fans alike that he has been one of the best rapper in the country in the past few years.  

Legend has Burna Boy turning in a uncharacteristic poor hook; there’s something else off about the song. Show Dem’s verses lack the usual extra and the song makes for a forgettable moment. A real shame given the quality of talent on show. On Ragabomi, UK based Moelogo turns in a more composed performance.

Lady Donli provides  – the project’s first female vocals on For A Minute.  A member of the duo once remarked how they “... first discovered the palm wine vibes with Feel Alright. That set the precedent, and opened us up to a new sound. The project represents escaping the stress of Lagos life, it’s oneness with nature, chilling with friends, a beautiful woman and ultimately just a happy place.” The magnificent Donli is no doubt a beauty to behold – vocals and all, and the song so far, one of the highlights of the Palm Wine Music Vol. 2. With the music scape still on about "Talk About Poe" (which we reviewed here), it is only fitting that the man provides a guest verse for his egbons. Tomi Agape doesn’t let the Donli performance down and as Ghost proclaimed on Clone Wars Vol. 2’s Sweet Love, Poe is indeed a ladies’ man.

Grounded in Africa’s landscape and aspirations, it isn’t common when the sound takes a flight to Malibu and what’s better than Palm Wine making the trip too? It becomes an international effort when Ghana’s Worlasi is called up for the event. It is notable to mention that the Nation of the Black Star was where the duo of SDC first heard the sound which they’ve tapped to milky fruition. As the story goes, close friend Efya played a Juls' tape for them and Feel Alright happened and the rest as we know, has been music at its best.

The Garden – like a Bible inspired plot twist – ends the project. It features Falana, a Canadian-Nigerian vocalist who describes her genre as “Soul Fusion.” Her hook bears semblance to a spiritually inclined ode and as usual, there’s a good dose of introspection in Show Dem Camp’s verses.

SDC somehow managed to make a better sequel to Palm Wine Music Vol 1, The songs on this project seem a lot more natural and although they rely mostly on the talented features, they seem to have found the right "Sound" to propel them to the next level. They have come a long way from the "Clone Wars" series, Palm Wine Music has broken the ceiling for them and has taken their music to new horizons. Music must reflect who you are and where you are from and SDC is now communicating to their immediate environment in the language that the people understands and they are doing this without losing their artistic integrity.  

Solid Work. 

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