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Many albums and EPs have been released this year, and although the opening track has received less attention through the years, they have been projects worthy of mention which have succeeded in making the first song a memorable one.

While The Collectiv3 and Show Dem Camp adopt mood setters for their first tracks, and LadiPoe not too far off with a birthday song rendered to him by presumably OAPs, they have been some artistes who have come out all weapons raised, displaying their artistry from the opening seconds of their works. In no particular order, we rank them for our top five today. 

1.      MASTERKRAFT ft NOSA & WAJE – Never Alone
Project: Rumination EP

It’s easy to forget that one of the foremost beat makers in the country released a project this year; many A list artistes have dominated the speakers and top tens and the Rumination EP is done away with.

Not completely, though. This is one of those albums which will stand the test of time and a large chunk of this longevity will rest on the shoulders of the opener. A song which strengthens the brethren to keep still in faith, WAJE and particularly Nosa’s vocals is all the hope you need to keep pushing.

2.      BRYMO – No Be Me
Project: OSO

Ever since Brymo exited Chocolate City, he’s sung himself to a delicate position between a movement and an actual musician.

His latest effort – Oso means Wizard and it is with the utmost skill of his craft does Brymo weave a hopeless, selfless, romantic, selfless and generally introspective body of work and No Be Me, a treatise on existentialism is one of the highlights of that spectacular album.

Listen HERE

3.      ODUNSI “THE ENGINE” – rare.
Project: rare.

Odunsi’s debut is a disco and R n B influenced album. The album truly kicks off from the first song when the 22 year old Odunsi proclaims it’s his time and the buzz which the album has received will do nothing to refute the claim.

4.      BLAQBONEZ – Accommodate
Project: Bad Boy Blaq

As the third and final installment in the LAMB August Projects executively produced by M.I,  (whose album preceded Blaq’s) it wouldn’t be exaggeration to say the world was watching.

Often touted as the best in the series before it came out, Accommodate was the instant prize for the wait.

From his opening lines – had a conversation with the devil/he said, serve me and get everything on the menu Blaqbonez brandishes his double edged sword, a confluence where the bobby feels of trap and astute lyricism meets (at the end of the beat, he does spaz out).

5.      JINMI ABDULS – Folarin
Project: Jinmi of Lagos (JOLAG) 2

You’ll hardly find another project with its roots grounded in a physical setting as Jinmi Abduls has done with both his Jinmi of Lagos EPs. Lagos becomes a character as much as his nolstagic tales and his love renderings.

On JOLAG 2, his mother’s voice opens for us: a great ushering into the singer’s lines; asking to be written in the sands of time. 

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