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There is literally no society without women. While this may be true, in our music, there is a damaging male dominance as for every one female A list artiste, there are five. This might be down to some obscure factors but the women aren’t backing down.

From the mystical Lady Donli to the delectable Tiwa Savage, there have arisen, old and newer voices – the Tenis, the Niniolas, the Bellas – to reclaim The Girl Power. With the male artistes often painting the womenfolk in lustful hues of red, it falls to the women to take their stories into their hands or rather, voices.

We present to you, five projects, put out in a not so distant past by five elegant artistes who just so happen to be female. In these dazzling works, these pieces of musical Everest, would you find the allure of the contemporary, the pull of the traditional, the magic of a confident voice owned with delight. In these projects will you find vignettes of a much larger personality; stories, carried on to the high heavens on the wings of celestial production. Put beside any album anywhere, these projects will not just survive, but thrive. For these are works put out by The Divine Feminine, all of whom just so gracefully, happen to be Nigerians.

In lieu of the International Women’s Day, we present these.

Image result for SIMI – SIMISOLA

The Simisola album is a work of sheer brilliance. It is an album that will stand the test of time and will be mentioned as one of the better albums of its time.

Although its creator never explicitly identifies as one throughout the fifteen track album, it could very well be deemed a contemporary Nigerian feminist manifesto. Which other album has been able to capture love and defiance in the way of Simisola?

Image result for OMAWUMI – LASSO OF TRUTH

This album, released in 2015 by Omawumi is a monumental achievement of the decade. In just twelve tracks, the Delta born musician captures the most lip smacking stories around. In the vein of the Flavour assisted Bottom Belle and the opener If You Ask Me, there are many other songs which paint the color and craze of typical Nigeria and its peoples.

Oscar Herman Acker and Cobhams Asuquo’s golden hands of production feature on the album and alongside the strong, emotive voice of Omawumi, a masterpiece is birthed.

Image result for CLAY – ROAD LESS TRAVELED

“Somewhere ages and hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference”

In a review for this seven track EP, the writer says about Clay’s voice: Her voice is not the kind you hear in passing. It always leaves an impression.

With the EP’s name presumably taken from the famous Robert Frost poem on uniqueness, Clay, from the first song Ochukwu takes a divergent path from what is generally accepted as feminine. She doesn’t bend, and she doesn’t do soft, sexy and submissive.

Her voice booms like a thunder, however, regulated. Often, with an EDM production just lurking behind, there emerges a triumph achieved with the music. When she loves (“The One”), it is spiced with the lulling poesy of her native language, Igbo and when she motivates, (“Destiny”) you feel the pulsating rhythm of the music and it moves through you. There, the word: resonance.

Clay’s RLT will resonate within you.


The bass is a severely underrated element in a song and in her album which could be considered its ultimate Nigerian ode, she calls it Queen. So incredible is this calm and lucid album that Brymo, posting a download link called it a classic.

While there aren’t many reviews of this, Chiagoziem's for Filterfree NG captures its brilliance in the following paragraph:

“In keeping with the album’s title and genius cover art, the queen isn’t the most important piece on the chessboard but she is the most powerful. If you kill your opponent's queen, the game doesn’t just end, that’s not a checkmate but you do weaken them significantly. Similarly bass isn’t the loudest or most obvious element of a musical composition, but take it away and you’ve stripped down the foundation of so many genres of music, including Lindsey's.”

Image result for MAKA – CTRL + M

SZA’s ctrl provided the backdrop but don’t be deceived: Maka’s music is her and hers.

her: The themes, the liberalism of who is either her or the persona she sings so vividly into life in her songs. Relationships adopt new storylines, the men in the songs do not ‘understand’ her but that’s how she likes it, she owns the complexity of her tales.

hers: Maka’s sound of neo-soul takes remarkable shape throughout the album. Entirely produced by the mad talented Bigfootinyourface, each is stripped so it doesn’t conflict the strength of Maka’s vocals. The result? A project that sounds as if Maka is there before you, singing bare her soul, every word like blooming petals.

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